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Eden Equipment Company, a manufacturer of highly specialized filtration vessels and filter cartridges, has been meeting global demand for filtration solutions for over 25 years. From our line of free standing, horizontal and custom design FRP filtration vessels, our focus is on reliability, durability and longevity of product. Down time is minimized, replacement costs are reduced.

The Eden Excel® lines of fiberglass reinforced polymer (FRP) vessels provide exceptional chemical resistance and tensile strength. In most applications, they outperform and outlast stainless steel vessels by three to five times. Our pleated media filter cartridges can outperform competing string wound and polyspun cartridges, which translates into significant cost savings to you in cartridge replacement.

Eden offers you customized equipment design, provides you with complete turnkey systems for all of your operational needs, from industrial (chemical processing, food products, consumer products and general manufacturing among a few) to wastewater, municipal and desalination applications.

At Eden Equipment Company, customer service comes first and technology and innovation meet, to create precision engineered filtration systems for your Company.



Eden Equipment
Horizontal Design Vessels

Versatile and stable in desalination applications

Non corrosive in saltwater environments
Easy maintenance
Lasts 3 to 5 times longer in highly corrosive environments
Replacement costs are reduced
by outlasting most competitors.