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Our mission is to offer the highest quality, US-manufactured, long life filtration solutions across a wide breadth of categories and applications providing clean air, water and other liquids on a reliable, sustainable basis that is safe and profitable for our customers.

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An American Tradition

Eden Equipment built it’s very first industrial filter vessel in Huntington Beach, CA. Forty years later we continue this tradition in our new state-of-the-art facility in Austin, TX. Manufacturing our products in the USA is both our greatest strength and a tremendous source of pride.

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A Comprehensive Portfolio

Whether it’s a custom large-scale industrial application, commercial HVAC or your backyard swimming pool, Eden Equipment manufactures and delivers the right filtration solution for virtually every system and use case.

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A Culture of Innovation

In everything we do, from the design and construction of our products to our technology and manufacturing systems, we’re always searching for ways to innovate, add value and deliver the quality products our customers expect and deserve.

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A Trusted Partner

We strive for excellence by delivering superior quality products and service on time, anywhere in the world, directly to our customers.

Eden is dedicated to offering our customers filtration solutions across an unrivaled breadth of categories and applications.

The Eden Story

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1978 - 1981

In Huntington Beach CA, Jeff Eden built the world’s best industrial liquid filtration vessel for long life in caustic and corrosive applications. In his garage, he engineered the first filtration pressure vessel made of fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP).

Eden’s decision to use a reinforced plastic was ahead of his time; providing additional strength while reducing the overall weight. Eden Equipment Company is later incorporated to manufacture and sell this trailblazing new concept.

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Eden Equipment establishes a loyal customer base across a variety of industries whose day-to-day operations, profitability and worker safety rely upon their filtration vessels to excel in hostile industrial environments. The innovative design and manufacturing integrity of Eden’s FRP vessels establish them in a distinct class of their own.

Building on the success of the FRP vessels and to solve additional filtration problems for its customers, Eden Equipment designs and manufactures its own industrial liquid filter cartridges and expands the available configurations of the vessels to accommodate a wider variety of applications.

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Eden Equipment continues to stand out in the marketplace and is acquired by a friendly long term family investment office to provide the necessary resources to scale production and continue its mission of innovation. Eden Equipment relocates from Huntington Beach, CA to a larger facility in Pomona, CA and adds dozens of new industrial liquid filtration media.

By 2004 Eden Equipment’s product portfolio has grown to include hundreds of standard sizes and configurations of FRP filter vessels, thousands of custom configurations, all while staying true to Jeff Eden’s vision of building the best and providing solutions for each customers’ unique requirements.

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2010 - 2016

In 2011 Eden Equipment acquires Excel Filters and begins manufacturing and selling pool and spa replacement filter cartridges providing consumers the opportunity to benefit from a premium product, made in the USA, that encapsulates innovation perfected over 30+ years of serving mission critical filtration operations

industrial HVAC uses Eden Excel air filtration cartridges

2018 - present

Eden Equipment proceeded to expand its product portfolio, adding dust collection, air filtration and HVAC products through the acquisitions of Katch Filters and Five Star Filters. Eden HQ relocated to a new facility in Austin, TX to make room for additional growth.

Today, the Eden Equipment mission continues – to offer the highest quality, USA-manufactured, long life filtration solutions across a wide breadth of categories and applications that provides clean air, water and other liquids on a reliable, sustainable basis that is safe and profitable for our customers.

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What can we build for you?

Whether it's filtering millions of gallons in a critical industrial application or keeping pools & spas crystal clear, our customers trust Eden to keep their businesses flowing. Reach out and let us know how we can help you fully realize your next project.

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