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Air Filter Cartridges and Media

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Our vast selection of readily available, high quality products, combined with our custom design and manufacturing scale, expertise and unrivaled level of readiness has made Eden Excel the first choice among contractors, resale distributors, and industrial end users in need of exceptional air filtration products and solutions.

wind turbine air farms

Power Generation

Eden Excel filters and replacement parts for wind turbines are designed to provide the longest useful life, reduce contamination and reduce maintenance costs.

  • Tower door filters
  • Electronic box pads
  • Crankcase and hydraulic filters
paint booth filtration

Paint Booths

Our paint booth filtration products offer cost effective, high performance solutions for any booth operation setup or compliance requirement.

  • Cartridge filters
  • Filter media rolls and pads
  • Ring panels and cubes
  • Inline desiccants
cement dust filtration

Cement Production

Eden Excel offers reliable, compliant filtration products for the cement industry. We have solutions for all cement processing steps.

  • Conical filters
  • Bag filters
  • Pleated bags
  • Compressor filters
  • Scales
sandblasting filtration

Sand Blasting & Surface Preparation

Eden Excel offers a complete line of filtration products designed for optimal performance within the sandblasting and surface prep sector to reduce your maintenance costs.

  • ABS filter cartridges
  • Circular and rectangular flanged cartridges
  • Fabric filter bags
  • Top/bottom removal pleated bags
  • Female threaded cartridges
air compressor filtration

Air Compression

High quality air compressor filters from Eden Excel will extend the life of your compressor and reduce energy costs while eliminating contaminants and supplying clean air.

  • Lubes
  • Separators
  • Oil filters
  • Air filters
hvac filtration

HVAC Filtration

Our large selection of HVAC filters and filter media are engineered to maintain indoor air quality and ventilation across an array of Minimum Efficiency Rating Values (MERV).

  • Disposable filters
  • Pleated filters
  • Filter media rolls & pads
  • HEPA filters
material loading and transfer


Eden Excel has filter options in numerous configurations, all designed to perform optimally in varied situations and applications across the entire material transfer process.

  • Cartridge filters
  • STS tubes
  • Envelope filters bags
  • Top/bottom removal pleated bags
  • DSS cartridges
  • Cylindrical cartridge
  • FDA compliant cartridges
  • Conical threaded cartridges
  • Flat cell panel filter
  • 3, 4 lug cartridges
  • 2 bolt cartridges

Air Filtration Case Studies


Custom Manufacturing

Texas Packaging Company

A Texas-based packaging company required some out of the box thinking. Their cylindrical HVAC filter was discontinued by the OEM but they didn't trust foreign built, aftermarket replacements. Eden Excel was able to design and custom manufacture a superior quality filter to the precise OEM specifications.

Eden has since expanded their relationship with the client, delivering a variety of air and liquid filters, and keeping them happy ever since.


Innovative Solutions

Manufacturing Sales

The nation’s leading pull-behind trailer manufacturer was experiencing poor performance with their paint and powder booth filtration which was negatively impacting their business operations.

Eden assessed the situation, upgraded the filtration media and engineered specialized gaskets for their application. Since then the client has enjoyed greater filter longevity and eliminated powder bypass into the facility.


Superior Quality and Results

Particulate Filtration

A customer running a process to dry silica sand was experiencing leakage and a shortened cartridge life. Eden provided the customer with a one-piece, TA625 design, forming an airtight seal and eliminating the contamination.

Since the customer implemented Eden’s design their cartridge longevity has increased from 600 to over 4000 operating hours resulting in a savings of nearly $85K per year.

business team working together

What can we build for you?

Whether it's filtering millions of gallons in a critical industrial application or keeping pools & spas crystal clear, our customers trust Eden to keep their businesses flowing. Reach out and let us know how we can help you fully realize your next project.

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