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40 Years of Engineering
and Smart Innovation

Eden Excel engineered the first FRP filtration vessel forty years ago and today continues to lead the industry in quality, performance and long term value offered.

Every detail, from the thermal fluid dynamics analysis of cartridge configurations for minimizing pressure drop, to sourcing top quality materials used in manufacturing, Eden Excel filtration vessels are built to handle the most challenging industrial applications and caustic conditions.

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Designed to meet the DEMANDS
of our Customers’ applications

Not only do Eden Excel FRP filtration vessels lead the industry when it comes to performance, every vessel we build is highly configurable. Whether it’s the internal operating conditions, adapting the vessel to existing plumbing or limited space requirements, Eden Excel’s modular design pattern offers nearly endless options.

The end result is a filtration system with a light footprint that’s easy to maintain and provides the greatest efficiency for the best value.

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Eden Excel filtration vessels offer the most efficient cartridge configuration and the best overall performance when paired with Eden Excel liquid filter cartridges. Our cartridges are engineered to more efficiently repel contaminates, minimize pressure drop, increase energy efficiency and have a useful life 3 - 5x longer than other brands.

Combining Eden Excel filter vessels and cartridges results in a lower operating cost and greater ROI.

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Eden Excel FRP filter vessels are engineered for a 20-year operational life. Our vessels have been field proven across the globe over decades of continuous service without skipping a beat. Eden vessels are an investment in our customers' most essential, critical processes.

They are a sounds investment in what matters most to our customers. Their performance, low maintenance requirements and durability ensure a significantly higher ROI over the life of the vessel. Eden Excel FRP vessels are the last vessels our customers ever buy and are built for the life every application.

High Performance. Highly Configurable.

type 1 filter vessel

Type 1

Featuring the original Eden Excel design, the Type 1 offers superior flow dynamics for more uniform cartridge use and low positioned I/O for flexible plumbing orientation and minimal pressure drop.

type 2 liquid filter vessel

Type 2

The Type 2 features a roomier design for greater cartridge capacity while maintaining the lowest possible center of gravity. Ideal height-to-flow capacity ratio provides best in class flow dynamics and efficiency.

type 3 liquid filter vessel

Type 3

The Type 3 combines the superior flow dynamics of a Type 2 but with the plumbing orientation flexibility from the Type 1. These vessels are commonly used as single or multi-bag filter housings.

type 3 liquid filter vessel

Horizontal 1

The H1 provides exceptional performance and ease of maintenance. It features a design with the lowest overall assembled height making it an ideal solution for applications requiring low clearance space.

type 3 liquid filter vessel

Horizontal 2

Similar to the H1, the H2 features a compact design and provides easy access to insert and remove high-flow or conventional cartridges. The H2 is available with I/O flanges inline or offset and is ideal for plumbing applications

type 3 liquid filter vessel

Duo Inline System

Eden Excel's Duo inline vessel system is built to provide zero-downtime and quick changeovers. It supports bag or cartridge filtration and can be configured to operate manually or automatically.

type 3 liquid filter vessel

Quad Inline System

The Quad inline vessel system, like the Duo, offers greater redundancy, zero-downtime and quick changeovers, and is available in automatic and manual configurations. Ideal for use in multi-port loading operations, such as railcars.

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Large Capacity Vessels

Eden Equipment manufacturers FRP filters vessels specifically designed to support the largest and most challenging applications in the world. Built with the highest-quality materials and utilizing our proprietary, ultra-efficient design, our largest FRP vessels deliver the same performance on a scale previously unobtainable.

These vessels are the premier choice for desalination and reclaimed water projects that are required to process the largest volumes of water.

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Features & Highlights

  • Engineered for a 20 year operational life in accordance with ASME Section X
  • Made in the USA
  • Exceptional chemical and corrosion with pH resistance of up to 2-13
  • 3-5x stronger and up to 50% less weight than stainless steel
  • Modular construction for easy maintenance and repair
  • Barrel fabricated with flexible, fatigue-resistant vinylester FRP
  • Available in manual and fully automated redundancy
  • Small, compact footprint
  • Designed for superior flow dynamics
  • Optimal utilization of filter media
  • Designed for rapid change out - no tools needed
  • Customizable for existing plumbing, chemistry and filter bag variations
  • Seismically sound with low center of gravity
  • Interface design files are available upon on request for precise sizing

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Filtration Vessel Case Studies


Sustainable Water Treatment

Midland Country Club

The on-site reverse osmosis (RO) plant using a stainless-steel vessel from another supplier had begun to corrode and fail due to contact with the saline well-water after only several years of operation.

Eden vessels' FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) resists the wear and tear of brackish water, filters out salt and other particulates, protects expensive downstream equipment and continues to run efficiently and without impairment delivering better performance at a greatly reduced operating expense.


Desalination and Long Service Life

Westin Hotel, St. John

Despite a challenging location and weather this desalination application is critically important in places with few sources of fresh water. The Eden Excel vessels installed on the resort property in 1998 are still in use today. Aside from proactive filter changeouts, no repairs or replacement parts have been required since their commissioning.

When luxury resort desalination system designers need to ensure their multi-million-dollar system functions efficiently and will continue to run for decades to come, they integrate an Eden FRP vessel.


High Capacity Water Purification

Everglades National Park

In 2006 the US Park Service constructed the Flamingo Water Treatment Plant to supply water to over one million annual visitors. The installed desalination system includes two Eden Excel filter vessels for prefiltration to remove harmful sand, organic matter and other solids from water. Each vessel contains ten 40” cartridge filters rated for continuous service at 150psi and 200 gpm.

The Eden Excel vessels continue to operate without issue to this day only needing routine filter cartridge changes in 15+ years of trouble free, low impact operation.

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What can we build for you?

Whether it's filtering millions of gallons in a critical industrial application or keeping pools & spas crystal clear, our customers trust Eden to keep their businesses flowing. Reach out and let us know how we can help you fully realize your next project.

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