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Liquid Filter Cartridges

Engineered to Clean®
Built for Almost Anything.

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Not all liquid filter cartridges are alike.

Our deep understanding of filtration science enables us to use better materials and apply techniques that improve performance, longevity and energy-efficiency. This approach is lost on the rest of the industry as they focus on reducing costs while diminishing performance characteristics. Instead, Eden is focused on providing the best value for our customers.


Engineered to Clean.
Built for almost anything.

Each day industrial applications all over the world pass billions of gallons of liquids of varying temperatures, compositions and flow rates through Eden Excel filter cartridges. Over the past forty years customers come to Eden, and keep coming back, knowing we can provide liquid filter cartridges that outperform all others.

What cartridges do you need?

  • liquid cartridge stringwound

    string wound

    Also known as depth filters these use multiple layers of filament tightly wound around the core to keep out unwanted contaminates.

  • liquid cartridge pleated


    These cartridges provide the greatest filtration surface area and the lowest possible integrated pressure drop over the longest time period. Available in a variety of media materials for both water and chemical applications.

  • liquid cartridge polymeltblown


    Meltblown cartridges offer excellent filtration, thermal stability, minimal bypass and prevent the passage of taste, color and odor to the liquid filtrate.

  • liquid cartridge coconut shell

    coconut shell

    Coconut shell cartridges are a relatively newer and renewable type of filtration media providing an alternative to activated carbon. Large surface area and porosity.

  • liquid cartridge activated carbon

    activated carbon

    Activated carbon filters are commonly used in water purification to remove organic matter, colloidal substances, heavy metals and odors.

  • liquid cartridge lead removal

    lead removal

    Eden lead removal cartridges are a special application of activated carbon cartridges designed to efficiently remove lead and heavy metals from water and other liquids.

  • liquid cartridge lead removal

    high flow

    Eden Excel High Flow Cartridges are the simplest, most efficient and cost-effective cartridge option available, delivering a greater flow more efficiently in less space. Our High Flow Cartridges last longer and use considerably less energy. Available from 20” up to 80”.

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What can we build for you?

Whether it's filtering millions of gallons in a critical industrial application or keeping pools & spas crystal clear, our customers trust Eden to keep their businesses flowing. Reach out and let us know how we can help you fully realize your next project.

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